How to Install Horizontal Blinds

Your horizontal blinds will be delivered to you with assorted hardware including brackets, valances and valance clips. Depending on the size, some blinds will also have a center support bracket included.

You may use the following instructions for 2” Wood Blinds, Faux Wood Blinds, Mini-Blinds. All other horizontal blinds may have similar installation methods.

To hang your blinds, you will need to have the following tools and supplies within reach:
• Hammer
• Nail
• Screws
• Drill
• Pencil
• Tape measure

First, install the bracket. You may find it easier to use your pencil to mark where the brackets are to be installed. To do this, put the bracket up on the window and mark the holes with a pencil.

Next, take the bracket down and use your hammer and nail to start the hole, which will make screwing the screw in easier.

Now, pull the nail out and put the bracket back up, using your drill to screw the screws in tightly.

Do this for both sides of the window, using two screws on each bracket.

Tip: You will want to install the brackets using a drill (vs. a screwdriver).

If you receive a center support bracket, you will want to install this to the top of the window the same way as you installed the brackets. Set it the same distance back as the brackets, but before you put it up, make sure that center support bracket will not interfere with the strings (look at the blinds before hanging to determine where you will hang the center support bracket).

Now it’s time to hang your new blinds.

Start the hanging process by putting the valance clips on first. If you forget to put on the valance clips before you hang the blind, you will have to take the blind down and then add them.
Put your valance clips on. Make sure they do not interfere with any of the mechanisms.

Quick Tips:
You will also want to make sure the tilt and lift strings are out of the head-rail.

It is easier to hang the blind if you leave it in the up position until the installation is complete.

Hang the blind and close bracket latches. Make sure the latch is secure.

Hang valance on valance clips previously install.

Congratulations your blind installation is complete

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