Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why buy my blinds A Palace Interior Design versus its competitors?
    There are many reasons why A PALACE INTERIOR is your best choice. Most importantly our product quality is simply superior, and if that wasn’t enough, we will beat any of our competitor’s prices no questions asked.

  2. How do I measure my windows?
    A PALACE INTERIOR would be happy to visit your home for a free consultation, measuring and estimate. If you wish to do it yourself, visit our how to measure page, there you will find detail information on measuring for most blinds and shades.

  3. Do I need a professional to install my window coverings from A PALACE INTERIOR?
    Not necessarily most window blinds and shades are fairly simple to install, however there may be situations when is best to get professional help. You may find instructions in our how to install page, or contact us to arrange professional installation.

  4. There are so many types, colors and style of window blinds and shades; how will I know which one to choose?
    Our professional sales team can help you make a decision. A PALACE INTERIOR has the experience to help you decorate your space. We know which blind or shade is better suited for your style and home décor.

  5. I want something new and different for my windows, can you help?
    YES! We have a variety of options, styles and colors. Be sure we can find a window treatment that will best meet your style and décor.

  6. How soon can I have my blinds?
    A PALACE INTERIOR manufactures most of our product. This means we don’t have to wait for a third party manufacturer like most of our competition. Most blinds can be ready and install in your home within 72 hours.

  7. What if my blinds break?
    Don’t worry, in the unlikely event this should occur A PALACE INTERIOR will replace or repair any defective products. Please visit our warranty page for more information.

Do you have any other questions or concerns? visit our contact us page.

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